Anand Patel 

Holistic Pharmacist, Biochemist


Anand Patel is the Founder of Alliance For Life and Life,  which offers a 5 Year Program that can Add Decades to a person’s life. He has developed a cutting edge protocol to maximize Quality and Longevity of life through 40+ Years of research

and learning. He was formerly a Hospital Pharmacist and Biochemist for many years.  He officially stated his Longevity Goal of 125+ in the early 90’s and has received many roars of laughter over the ensuing years.

Anand genuinely cares about his Fellow Earthlings and their well being and has developed a very unique ability to “Connect the Dots” in the complex environment we live in.

 Anand also enjoys his other passions in life: Tennis played competitively at Wimbledon about a 100 Years ago, so not sure it counts anymore. Builds and Flies VintageWorld War 2 airplanes, Aerospace projects, Indian Classical Music and History. 


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