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Anastasia Egorova

Open Longevity


Anastasia Egorova is an Executive Director and co-founder of Open Longevity Project (2016) and Vice-President of the Science for Life Extension Foundation, Moscow, Russia (since 2015). Graduated Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) in biophysics, applied maths, and physics (2007). Got a diploma in copywriting and art-direction in advertising the same year. Since then, had been an architect and designer in demand for eight years. She then joined the work of the Foundation briefly in 2014, while being one of the organizers of Genetics of Aging and Longevity International Conference in Sochi, Russia. Later, in a year, quit her career in design and devoted all of her time to Life Extension movement.

In Open Longevity, Anastasia is managing the launch and conduction of the first Open Longevity clinical trial (she's got her ICH GCP certificate in 2018); coordinating huge analytical work on diagnostics of aging; writing and editing texts herself, including a book about skin aging — to name the few things in progress at the moment.


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