Joseph Cohen

SelfHacked, Founder and CEO


At the age of 25, Joe was sick, broke, and unemployable.

He decided to go on a journey to ‘biohack’ himself and has done thousands of experiments – on himself.

Since biohacking himself from sickness in mid 2013, Joe has become a writer/author, investor and entrepreneur, founding SelfHacked and SelfDecode. He has written the SelfHacked Secrets book and the Biohacking Insomnia book.

SelfDecode is your personal digital health coach that combines data from genetics, blood tests and symptoms to render personalized health recommendations.

Joe is a significant contributor of the content at SelfHacked and SelfDecode and has diverse roles in the company.

Favorite biohacks: Lectin Avoidance Diet, Sun, Blocking light at night, Circadian rhythm entrainment, Pregnenolone, Microdosing THC, Butyrate, Curcumin, Galantamine, Nicotine, etc…

Roles: Joe is the CEO and Chief Biohacker at SelfHacked and SelfDecode, and also edits/writes content.

Presentation Summary

-Blood markers and aging in general

-Optimal results for various markers in terms of aging/lowest mortality