Dmitry Kaminskiy

Deep Knowledge Ventures, Managing Partner


Dmitry Kaminskiy is the Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures (DKV), a Hong Kong-based fund that invests in disruptive biotechnology, fintech, and artificial intelligence companies. Mr. Kaminskiy is a trustee of the Biogerontology Research Foundation in Oxford and holds a BSc in Computer Science from the National University of Electronic Technology.

Prior to Deep Knowledge Ventures, he served as an executive in the telecom and financial services industries. Dmitry Kaminskiy believes that business should not be separated from society.

Dmitry believes that actively supporting the science and technology think tanks is the best way to develop truly innovative enterprises. His philanthropy focuses on scientific research and education. Dmitry is interested in the potential for social benefit offered by blockchain technology, and supports Blockchain and Deep Learning Community, an entity that brings together Eastern European computer scientists and mathematicians.

The foundation supports the development of blockchain technologies realising that it could radically help fight corruption and improve prosperity in the developing world. Dmitry also directly supports scientists, conferences, hackathons, and think-tanks at Oxford and Cambridge, such as the Exponential Technologies Institute and Biogerontology Research Foundation.


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