Dr. Moss Jackson 

Center for Psychological Services in Pennsylvania, CEO


Dr. Moss Jackson is the CEO of Center for Psychological Services in Pennsylvania, and the President of Corporate Initiatives. An accomplished writer, lecturer and professor in psychology, Dr. Moss has also written and published "Navigating for Success", among other publications on the subjects of acquisitions and mergers. 

He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, among others.
Some of Dr. Moss' corporate clients include the U.S Dept. of Military Psychiatry, the United States Postal Service, Rosemont College, and more.  He has contributed to publications and organizations across the U.S and Australia, including NBC News, Temple University, and the Holistic Health & Educational Conference. Dr. Moss has also appeared in several TV and radio shows, speaking in several subjects. 
He's most current work is developing in the psychology of radical life extension and physical immortality. 

Presentation Summary

Navigating Your Life in the age of Immortality:
In 1492, Columbus sailed boldly into the New World. Many thought he was crazy, that he and his crew would fall off the edge of the earth and perish into an abyss. He sailed anyway, disregarding his own uncertainty, because he was committed to creating a new reality for the world. Today we are on the edge of discovering another New World, a new humankind—Immortality.

Some are charged by the sense of adventure. Others may be unable to see past the Death Psychology. Others are excited but not convinced. Wherever you are, an entirely new set of skills are needed. We need to ask ourselves some powerful questions to master Navigating Your Life in the age of Immortality. 


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