Orn Adalsteinsson RAADfest

Dr. Orn Adalsteinsson

International Strategic Cancer Alliance (ISCA), Founder and CEO


Founder, President, and CEO of the International Strategic Cancer Alliance (ISCA), Orn Adalsteinsson has 27 years in the fields of biotechnology, chemical engineering, formulations, artificial intelligence, and food science. He has specialized in human therapeutics including vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, hormones, and nutritional supplementation. Orn expertise also includes traversing regulatory agencies such as the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the FDA, NIH, and CDC.

Orn Adalsteinsson is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), graduate holding two of his three degrees from this illustrious institution, a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. Throughout his career Orn has demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities. Orn has guided teams of scientists resulting in the discovery and development of many processes and products for which Orn holds numerous patents. He has also authored articles and contributed to peer-reviewed publications which include serving as Editor for Journal of Medicinal Food.

Orn’s extensive experience in human life sciences has led to the development of innovative products targeted for nutraceutical applications including a novel hyperimmune product aimed at human nutraceutical, animal feed, and cosmetics markets. Further, Orn led a team who developed a synthetic approach for an herbal extract of curcumin from turmeric that has proven efficacy in cancer prevention, cholesterol reduction, anti-arthritic action and other health benefits. Orn efforts also spearheaded a selenium supplement product to reduce side effects of chemotherapy agents that is currently an Investigational Review Board (IRB) approved human clinical study at City of Hope Hospital, Los Angeles.

It is however, Orn Adalsteinsson’s humanitarian efforts in the area of cancer which distinguish him as a true pioneer. As founder, president and CEO of ISCA he is committed to helping individuals with cancer navigate the medical world. Orn leads his team coordinating the efforts of the worlds leading specialists in oncology, research, data analysis, nutritional supplementation and laboratory testing who can assists his clients in developing a customized approach providing them with the optimal opportunity to achieve long-term survival.


Cancer prevention, cholesterol reduction, anti-arthritic action and other health benefits through synthetic extract of curcumin from turmeric; along with developing customized approaches to optimal long-term survival recovery.

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