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Brain Longevity

Maintaining mind and memory

Brain longevity raadfest


Most current findings on fighting senescence

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Immortal Immunity

Boosting immune system strength

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Next Bridges

The future of life extension

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What’s new at RAADfest 2019?

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Mobility Enhancement

Keep moving today and tomorrow

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Finance for Forever

Financial strategies for life extension

ageless mindset raadfest.png

Ageless Mindset

Align your mind with the mission

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Pet Project

Pet longevity and what it teaches us



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Suzanne Somers

Health Advocate

Brian M. Delaney

Age Reversal Network

Dr. Nichola Conlon


Dr. Natasha Vita-More


Ray Kurzweil

Futurist, Inventor

Dr. Bill Andrews

SIERRA Sciences

Dr. Ward Dean

International Anti-Aging Systems

Liz Parrish


Dr. Aubrey de Grey

SENS Research Foundation

James Strole

Coalition for Radical Life Extension

Bill Faloon

Life Extension Foundation

Dr. Sandra Kaufmann

The Kauffman Protocol

Dr. Ben Goertzel

Hanson Robotics

Dr. Michael West


Dr. Dmytro Klokol

Stellar Biomolecular Research


People Unlimited Inc

Dr. Jose Cordeiro

Millennium Project

Dr. Mike Chan

Stellar Biomolecular Research

Dr. Richard Gaines

Life Gaines

Rudi Hoffman

Cryonics Insurer

Mikhail Batin

Open Longevity

David Kekich

Maximum Life Foundation

Dr. Kat Cotter

Anti-aging Practitioner

Anastasia Egorova

Open Longevity

Dr. Greg Fahy

21st Century Medicine

Dr. Duncan Ross

Kimera Labs

Dr. Orn Adalsteinsson

International Strategic Cancer Alliance

Dr. Valerio Di Nicola

Regenerative Surgery



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More are being added.

Greta Blackburn

Writer and Entrepreneur

Dr. Steve Hruby

Kaizen Progressive Health

Maria Entraigues-Abramson

SENS Research Foundation

Gennady Stolyarov

US Transhumanist Party

David Wood

London Futurists

Neal Van De Ree

Church of Perpetual Life



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The Life Extension Foundation (LEF) is a nonprofit organization that sells supplements and vitamins. Its goals are to extend the healthy human lifespan by discovering scientific methods to control aging and eradicate disease.


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RAADfest 2019 will be more informative and inspiring than ever.

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Keynote Speaker: Ray Kurzweil

World leading inventor and futurist. Director of Engineering at Google.


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Meet our


James Strole



James Strole is Co-founder and Co-director of People Unlimited, and the Director of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, which is the producer of RAADfest. He’s a leading anti-death activist and community builder, who has spoken on radical life extension and physical immortality around the world. Jim is an advisor to XPrize Longevity Community and has dedicated his life to challenging death-oriented beliefs and practices. He has coached thousands of people to live an ageless lifestyle to achieve healthier, fuller, more vibrant lives. He started practicing Integral Yoga at 15, and identified with its founder, Sri Aurobindo, who sought to bring together the yogis of India to create a super body to match the super consciousness. Jim is co-author of the book Just Getting Started: Fifty Years of Living Forever. He has appeared on numerous TV shows both domestically and abroad, and has spoken to audiences on four continents.  


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