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Maria Entraigues-Abramson

SENS Research Foundation, Global Outreach Coordinator.

Longevity Bridge.


Maria is a radical-change believer and spends most of her multifaceted life working on facilitating disruptive change to the way we currently research and treat aging.

She is a singer-songwriter, actress, pilot, writer and science and technology communicator. You can find her giving a talk about the future of aging, singing live for thousands of people, composing and acting for a Hollywood film or flying an airplane.

Her passion and strong involvement in science and technology for over 15 years now, combined with her skills in Public Relations, positioned her as SENS Research Foundation's Global Outreach Coordinator; in charge of building new relationships, spreading the word about its work and raising critical funding for research.

She currently sits in the Boards of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension (Board of Advisors), the International Longevity Alliance (Board of Directors), the California Transhumanist Party (Director of Communications) and the Lifeboat Foundation (Board of Advisors), and is a member of The Methuselah Foundation’s Three Hundred initiative.

She is also the co-founder of Longevity Bridge, dedicated to creating resources to understand aging better and achieve optimal health.