Peter Nygard

Nygard International, Founder


Peter Nygard at 69, 215 pounds got his start on the path to reverse aging by attending Ray Kurzwail's "Singularity Conference" 6 years ago.

He suddenly realized that the trip from 70 to 80 was not a nice trip - that something bad can and will happen on that trip. He wisely decided "not to go on that trip".
His remarkable visible transition from an old 69 year old to a young 75 year old is a motivating example for all. 


Presentation Summary

 C While Nygard practices and supports all paths to Regenerative Medicine, he is best known for his SCNT work where he is one of the few humans who has reversed himself back to embryonic state through SCNT. He has also written laws for countries to make the use legal. He is heavily financing SCNT Translational Research throughout the World.


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