Peter Voss


AGI Innovations Inc, Founder and CEO


Peter Voss' careers include being an entrepreneur, inventor, engineer and scientist. After several years of experience in electronics engineering, he started a company providing advanced custom software development and integrated information-technology solutions. Seven years later the company employed several hundred people and was successfully listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

After selling his interest in the company in 1993, he studied a broad range of disciplines -- cognitive science, philosophy and theory of knowledge, psychology, intelligence and learning theory, and computer science -- which served as the foundation for achieving breakthroughs in artificial general intelligence.

In 2001 he co-coined the term ‘AGI’ and started an RandD company with the express purpose of developing highly intelligent systems which will eventually help us solve aging and other pressing problems. In 2009 he founded Smart Action Company, the first company to commercialize a product based on an AGI engine, and in 2013 he launched a new long-range AGI R&D company, AGI Innovations Inc.

Peter has been practicing calorie restriction for 18 years, and has been actively involved in the cryonics movement. He often writes and presents on various philosophical topics including rational ethics, freewill and artificial minds; and is deeply involved with futurism and radical life-extension in general. Founder and CEO, AGI Innovations Inc. Founder, Adaptive A.I., Inc. Founder, Smart Action Company, LLC 


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