Longevity on the brain at RAADfest 2019

Brain longevity raadfest 2019

Learn the latest on brain longevity at RAADfest 2019

The field of brain health and longevity is advancing rapidly. So much so that most of us aren’t aware of the very latest and best ways to keep our brains able and vibrant for the long term. Yet maintaining healthy mind and memory is vital to extending lifespans. That’s why RAADfest 2019 will featuring Brain Longevity as a topic of focus this year.

As science continues to gain a better understanding of brain function, it’s clear that our choices today can powerfully impact our capacity for cognition moving forward. What steps can we take to help prevent brain deterioration, and how can we fight back against systemic aging in the brain?

To address Brain Longevity, experts at RAADfest will share insights on numerous aspects of brain longevity including both practical do’s and don’ts as well as advanced reports from cutting edge research. You’ll learn about the role of hormone balancing in brain longevity, as well as everyday life style choices such as what to eat and what not to eat. What are the risk factors to watch out for based on genomic testing? And just as importantly, how can you take action on that information to be proactive about your brain longevity.

Our ability to maintain healthy cognition into the future is too vital to leave up to the outdated methodologies considered standard today. To take charge of your brain longevity, you need the most advanced and actionable information out there. This is why Brain Longevity will be major topic of focus for RAADfest 2019.   

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