The Convenient Truth About Stem Cells and Anti-Aging

RAADfest Stem cells

Of all the anti-aging modalities that have surfaced in recent years, stem cell therapies have received some of the most intense scrutiny. Are stem cells and anti-aging true partners for the future? Do stem cells deserve all the attention they’ve received for their age-reversal impact? The leading stem cell researchers believe the answer to that question is an unequivocal yes, and you can hear all about it from the at RAADfest.

Stem cell clinics continue to share new evidence showing stem cell therapies have extensive anti-aging benefits from decreased inflammation and tissue regeneration, to increases in physical strength and even mental clarity. One of the leading stem cell laboratory and research facilities, MediStem Panama, has treated over 4,000 patients with Stem Cell therapies and administered over 27,000 infusions of umbilical cord MSCs(a type of stem cell).

RAADfest presenter, Dr. Neil Riordan, founder, and chairman of MediStem Panama has proven these therapies to be safe and very useful to those with chronic disease or illness and has gone on record saying many chronic diseases are a net result of dysfunctional or a lack of MSCs in the body. As more human trials are being conducted, stem cell therapies are showing promise in applications for autism, heart failure, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis.

Each year, RAADfest features world-class stem cell experts sharing their most current clinical findings on how stem cells and anti-aging can have a real impact in your life. This year RAADfest will continue to cultivate the highest quality of information on stem cells and anti-aging. And it’s RAADclinic will offer participants the opportunity to experience cutting edge treatments right on site.

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