RAADfest is the leading anti-aging event for participants of all interest levels

RAADfest anti aging event

What makes RAADfest the top anti-aging event? It’s about going beyond skin deep. While cosmetics can make us look younger, the real gold standard of an anti-aging event is to provide accurate, actionable information about how to feel stronger and live better while being here longer. The science and psychology of longevity is moving ahead at a rapid pace. RAADfest is designed to be the ideal anti-aging event to help you keep up. Here’s how: 

World class experts speaking for a general interest audience

RAADfest may be the only anti-aging event where world class scientists, doctors and practitioners share their insights on age-reversal in terms that a general audience can understand. From supplements and nutrition to new modalities and cutting edge research, RAADfest is the anti-aging event that keeps you in the know. And it’s also a lot of fun. RAADfest fosters a feeling of welcome and togetherness, and includes live entertainment, shared meals and its famous Saturday Night Party so that everyone can connect and enjoy.

RAADcity expo makes this anti-aging event unique

Products such as NAD, Metformin, Curcumin, Resveratrol and Klotho are showing real anti-aging results. But there are so many options available, it can be difficult to assess them all and make the right investment for you. For this reason, RAADfest includes the largest product expo of any anti-aging event, called RAADcity. At RAADcity you can see and sample many of the leading life extension brands and learn more about how they can impact your anti-aging lifestyle.  

The anti-aging event with on-site treatments

There’s a lot of news circulating about new anti-aging modalities like NAD. But often the challenge is where to find the right practitioners to administer these treatments properly. That’s why RAADfest has added RAADclinic, where you can receive anti-aging treatments on-site at special discounted rates, and join on-going programs if you’re interested. 

RAADfest is the anti-aging event that is like no other – informative, exciting, welcoming. To learn more and to register, go to www.raadfest.com