The Remarkable Benefits of this Anti-Aging Seminar -- RAADfest

RAAdfest Anti Aging

Anti-aging, super longevity, radical life extension, whatever term you wish to use, they all share a common thread: the importance of learning the latest ways to make a positive impact on your lifespan. 

Anti-aging is not just about beauty products, although let’s be honest, we all want that too. But the type of answers we seek require evidence-based research addressing a wide range of factors, which you can only get from a world-class lineup of scientists, practitioners and thought leaders. And this collective perspective can be experienced in full at the best of anti-aging seminars, RAADfest.

What makes RAADfest such a monumental anti-aging seminar? 

Dissemination of state-of-the-art information in terms we can understand

The leaders of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension recognize that advanced scientific innovation is a necessity to curing aging, but what makes RAADfest different is that this information is presented in terms regular people can understand. You don’t have to be an expert.

What’s NAD? Cellular senescence? How does this all relate to longevity? Since its inception, RAADfest has aimed to inform people about how they can take advantage of current and upcoming anti-aging modalities.  

At this unique anti-aging seminar, the areas of focus include:

-       Diet and lifestyle

-       Smart supplementation

-       Anti-Aging drugs.

-       Financing your Anti-Aging.

-       Current research. 

RAAD puts the “fest” into anti-aging seminars

RAADfest is truly entertaining as well by including the arts. RAADfest features singers, songwriters, filmmakers and other artists that are dedicated to super longevity. Taking inspiration from festivals and integrating it with life extension science is an approach not seen in the industry, and it’s something that makes RAADfest a one of a kind anti-aging seminar.

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