Suzanne Somers to share insights and inspiration at RAADfest 2019

Suzanne Somers to share insights and inspiration at RAADfest 2019
The biggest myth about aging is that we can’t do anything about it. That it’s a road to being decrepit, frail, and sick.
— Suzanne Somers

Many of us know Suzanne Somers as an accomplished actress, singer and TV sitcom star. But those who have been paying closer attention also know that she is one of the smartest, most forward looking health advocates out there. As the author of books including Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones, and Sexy Forever Recipe Bible, as well as several other books on living longer and better, Suzanne is a leading spokesperson for practical approaches to longevity. She is also a great supporter of RAADfest.

Suzanne has been participating in RAADfest since the beginning and we are very excited to have her and her husband, Alan Hamel, back with us for RAADfest 2019 in Las Vegas. Each year, she brings her unique perspective on longevity as well as highly practical advice and insights gleaned from her own experience. While she is a major celebrity, Suzanne is also a very grounded, warm and welcoming person who truly cares about helping people live better.

We are honored to include Suzanne and Alan as an essential part of our RAADfest team.

“I love going to RAADfest because the people there are all really committed in to taking action to live longer and better,” says Somers. “We have something powerful in common, which is that we understand that our longevity is really up to us. We have to take charge of lives and our health, and when we do that amazing things can happen.” 

Suzanne Somers on RAADfest.

See Suzanne in person, along with all of our great presenters. Register for RAADfest 2019. Because your longevity is worth it.