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Sponsors and exhibitors representing businesses and organizations relevant to the life extension and longevity fields are invited to participate and display their products and/or services at this gathering. In addition to boosting your brand with consumers and influencers, your sponsorship helps us support the advancement of radical life extension.

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Exhibiting at RAADcity not only produced a large return of investment, but also fostered a great environment for networking. Our booth was consistently swarmed with people interested in the services we offered, and we unexpectedly sold out of products by the end of the weekend.
— Tom Ingoglia, NAD Treatment Center



We were amazed by the dedication and enthusiasm conference attendees had for not only the highest quality vitamins and supplements we offer but for the entire range of anti-aging therapies discussed over an information-packed couple of days. Life Extension will definitely be attending the next RAADfest Conference. 

-Ray Searles, Life Extension Foundation

RAADcity was our most exciting and enjoyable public exhibition of KAATSU technology in our company's history. The attendees were thoroughly invested in their long-term health and wellness. They asked questions, wanted to try our technology, and were undeniably interesting individuals of substance and good character. Simply stated, this was an outstanding use of our time, resources and energies and was a commercial success. We will definitely be back at next year’s RAADfest. 

-Steven Munatones, KAATSU Global


The Expo at RAADfest 2018 was one of the best I have ever seen. I gained a lot of valuable information from just going from one booth to another at the Expo and talking with the people at each booth. There must have been at least 100 such booths at the Expo. I was very impressed!!!

-Dr. Bill Andrews, Sierra Sciences


I cannot say enough great things about RAAD fest. I had my first booth at the festival last year, advertising my newly published book and App. The sizable crowd was incredibly interesting, exuberant, and well versed in the world of anti-aging. The conversations and questions were exceptional, and  I was thrilled to have sold out my stash of books. I was even more thrilled to become acquainted with the other vendors and experts attending the event. I guarantee that I will be there again next year! 

-Sandra Kaufmann, Author: The Kaufmann Protocol



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Jean Weidmann, RAADcity coordinator


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Sponsors will have an opportunity to select their exhibitor booth location in order of level of sponsorship and on a first come first serve basis

Exhibitor booth selection available. First come, first serve based on application approval and sponsorship level.

Exposition Services:

  • Handles additional exhibitor options such as booth display packages, furniture rental, shipping, and power.

  • Services will be emailed to you with additional options available by the Account Manager.


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