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Connect with the largest targeted audience of passionate life extension enthusiasts!

Word is spreading about RAADfest and its exceptional expo RAADcity, where the longevity world comes together.  

Sponsors and exhibitors representing businesses and organizations relevant to the life extension and longevity fields are invited to participate and display their products and/or services at this gathering. In addition to boosting your brand with consumers and influencers, your sponsorship helps us support the advancement of radical life extension.

Apply now to secure your place! 

Highlights 2018

  • Over 950 registrants from 30 countries

  • 35+ presenters: scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders addressing all aspects of radical life extension

  • Media coverage from numerous national and international organizations

  • Artists and performers celebrating the culture of radical life extension

  • 74 sponsors and exhibitors



We are attracting vendors that have state of the art, result-oriented products, services, and/or equipment for radical life extension enthusiasts who want to improve their quality of living. 

Exhibit hours are scheduled at dedicated times around the main event. This helps build a true sense of community in which exhibitors are warmly included to participate. This is also out of respect for our presenters that are contributing their time to share their latest innovations and projects. The net result is that attendees are more primed to take action in regards to their health and wellness, which is a benefit to us all. 



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Floor Plan


Sponsors will have an opportunity to select their exhibitor booth location in order of level of sponsorship and on a first come first serve basis

Exhibitor booth selection available. First come, first serve based on application approval and sponsorship level.

Exposition Services:

  • Handles additional exhibitor options such as booth display packages, furniture rental, shipping, and power.

  • Services will be emailed to you with additional options available by the Account Manager.


Some of our prior Sponsors and Exhibitors:


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