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Suzanne Somers

Best selling author. Co-founder Partner in Lifewave Technology & Medical Energetics. Lecturer & Entertainer. Entrepreneur.


Suzanne Somers has authored 25 books and most are New York Times Bestsellers.
Her current Bestseller  TOX-SICK, is being published in many different languages.

Suzanne has 25 million books in print.and lectures extensively throughout North America and Western Europe. 
Suzanne introduced Bio Identical Hormones to America & the World with the publication in 2004 of 'The Sexy Years'
Today, millions of women are following her lead and enjoying  a healthy and productive life.

The movement she started with BHRT & Natural Medicine is growing exponentially. 
Suzanne is co-founder with Life Extension of, a physicians' network and is a partner in Lifewave, a multi national technology company that creates unique patented products that  improve lives.

Suzanne's companies have created and market over a thousand products that are focused on an Organic and Toxic free Life. 
After 15 years of award winning major hit TV shows, movies, one woman show on Broadway and Las Vegas Female Entertainer of the Year, she has dedicated her life to providing cutting edge health information for her readership.

She is iconic in mainstream America.
Suzanne is the Mother of 3 children, 6 grandchildren and next year will celebrate 50 years with Alan Hamel, her Life and Business Partner.


Plans to introduce the science of human rejuvenation to the world via her new book “New Way to Age” expected to release Nov 2019.

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